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Top 3 buzzworthy SkinTok trends of 2022

Dec 07, 2022

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that there are some amazing tips out there on Tiktok.

With the rise of SkinTok, we’ve been witnessing lots of skincare tips, tricks and trends taking over not only the skincare fanatics’ shelves, but also the average skincare enthusiasts, changing their lives one Tiktok at a time (whether it’s for the better or worse is still up for debate).

So how do you tell what to try and what to avoid? After all, the difference between a great tip and a bad tip can be pretty small, and Tiktok surely makes it even harder to spot. 

While we at Round Lab believe that the path to skincare success is paved with trials and errors, we definitely don’t want you to fall into the hole of SkinTok misinformation and come out the other end at best unscathed, at worst scarred with regrets and pains. 

So we’ve decided to help you save hours of doom scrolling on Tiktok and give you a cheat sheet to Skintok top 3 buzzworthy skincare trends of 2022.



A not-so-appetizing name for a delicious dewy dumpling result, slugging is the method you need to try for that soft, glowy skin. 

 skin slugging is one of the 3 skintok trends Round Lab is talking about

What is slugging?

By definition, slugging means slathering an occlusive product at the end of your skincare routine. The recipe calls for anything with a waxy or oily texture, like Vaseline petrolatum jelly, healing ointment, or facial oils. 

The occlusive film creates a barrier that prevents Transepidermal Water Loss, protects your skin from environmental stressors like heat and bacteria, and promotes the absorption of the first layers of serums and moisturizers. Though you might look like you’ve taken an oil bath during slugging, when the film is washed, your skin will be plumped, soft, and very well hydrated.


Get the slug on

Remember Spider-man? “ With great power comes great responsibility”. Wielding the intense hydration power of slugging does not come with no preparation. 

  • Humectants in, actives out: The enhanced absorption of slugging nudges the humectants deeper into the skin to help with plumpness and increase hydration. But with that same mechanism, sluggings can increase irritation if combined with BHAs, AHAs, retinoids, or even vitamin C. 
  • Oily skin beware, dry skin rejoice: While dry skin can go liberal with slugging, those with oily skin must be careful diving into this trend as the heavy layer might suffocate the sebum-loaded pores and cause breakouts. 

Instead of petrolatum jelly products, opt for facial oils like jojoba, rosehip, or squalane. They are oily skin friendly and also help seal in moisture nicely. 

Still, even with this alternative, start with a thin layer and do it once or twice a week to see how your skin reacts and adjust accordingly to its needs. 

  • Towel on, cleanser off:  Wash off the occlusive with a gentle cleanser to get a fresh canvas for your morning routine, and lay down a towel on your pillow to avoid the slugging mess. 
  • Size does matter: Slugging, as with many skin care methods, isn’t for everyone. If you find full-on facial slugging a little bit too much, try spot slugging on dehydrated, chapped areas like the corners of your mouth.


Smooth, velvety, even complexion. 

Does it sound like what you want in place of your dull, bumpy skin? 

Then don’t walk, run and get yourself on the skin cycling routine. 


What is skin cycling?

Heard of the queen bee Retinoids? This active is a wonderful multi-tasker that targets acne, unclogs pores, smoothes skin texture, brightens hyperpigmentation, and promotes collagen production…but it is also known for irritating the heck out of your skin if not done right. 

Made viral by Dr. Bowe, a board-certified dermatologist in New York, skin cycling is a routine that helps reap the best benefits of Retinoids and exfoliants while minimizing irritations and redness. 

This routine includes 4 days of consistent morning routine with SPF and the following for nights: 

Night 1: Exfoliants (Dr. Bowe recommends leave-on chemical ones) + Moisturizer

Night 2: Retinoids + Moisturizer

Night 3 - 4: Recovery with hydrating and nourishing skincare. 

Rinse, and repeat. 


The thing about cycling

As simple as that sounds, skin cycling will be the most effective if you follow the tips below:

  • Moisturize without occlusive: As we mentioned above, occlusive and actives can lead to irritation. It’s best that you use something nourishing and gentle like our 1025 Dokdo Cream or the Birch Moisturizing Cream to accompany your cycling process. 
    • Be patient and pay attention: It takes a minimum of 2 cycles to see the radiance you’re promised, so have patience and stick to the routine. At the same time, check in often with your skin to see if you need any adjustments. 

    If you detect recurring discomforts like redness or dryness, try adding more “recovery nights”. If you didn’t notice much improvement after prolonged use, you could cut down on “recovery nights”. 

    • Customize with a professional: This routine can be a hit or miss with acne-prone and mild to severe acne patients. To get the most out of skin cycling, check in with your skincare specialist before starting the routine. 
    • For the unfortunate few: If you have sensitive eczema, we strongly recommend that you stay out of this trend, but do join in on the next one. 


    Thanks to the damaged skin barrier community, SkinTok is finally blowing up this routine. 


    What is a skin barrier-centric routine?

    Or “How to repair damaged skin barrier.” This routine is the long-awaited knight in armor for acne-prone sufferers, or those with sensitive skin who have to constantly cycle through dryness, irritations, and inflammations. 

    Loaded with hydration, ceramides, fatty oils, and SPF while keeping exfoliation on the down low, a skin barrier-centric routine focuses on nourishing the compromised, over-exfoliated barrier back to its healthy state. 

    Don’t know where to start? Round Lab has the complete kit for you.  


    Barrier care with Round Lab

    • SPF: With top-notch board spectrum UV filters and humectants mix, our best-selling Birch Juice sunscreen takes care of all your sun care and hydration needs in just one step. 

      Find out why the Birch Juice sunscreen is loved by those with sensitive skin around the world right here

      • Cleansers: All of Round Lab’s cleansers are designed to respect your skin barrier. They help clean off the dirt from your daily activities without leaving your skin tight and dry. No matter which one you end up with, a Round Lab cleanser will keep your skin clean, comfortable, and your skin barrier happy. 

      If double cleansing is in your routine, the Dokdo Cleansing Oil is an excellent choice for you. 

      • Hydration shot: A bottle packed full of rich minerals from the Ulleungdo deep sea water and other skin-loving ingredients like Glycerin and Panthenol. The Round Lab’s Dokdo Toner is the perfect cocktail to quench the thirst and soothe the damaged skin barrier. 
        • Lock and load: Locking the hydration and loading nutrition to the malnourished skin barrier is what Round Lab’s Soybean Cream does best. Ceramide NP to fill in the depleted barrier wall and a variety of emollients like Lecithin and fatty acids for moisturizing aids are a few amazing things the Soybean Cream has in the formula. 


        There you have it, 3 SkinTok trends that are actually worth the hype, the time, and the place in your skincare routine. 

        Tune in for more trends investigation by Round Lab, and let us guide you through the world of skincare.