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Why Ceramides should be your skin's BFF

Oct 06, 2022

October is here, meaning you only have a few good days left before the seasonal cold chills come and take control of your skin. 

You know what we're talking about if you have dry or sensitive skin. With autumn and winter, your skin spirals into the misery of the "dry river bed" look, itchiness, peeling, inflammation, and the like. 

While there are many words for these nasty pests, the solution is simple: Ceramides. 


Meet Ceramides

 Ceramides are lipid molecules in the outermost layer of your skin, also known as the skin barrier. Ceramides glue other skin cells to create a strong barrier that prevents transepidermal water loss. Adding Ceramides to your skincare routine can keep your skin hydrated and away from the annoyance of having dry skin. 

 But that was just scratching the surface of what Ceramides can do. Let's dig deeper, shall we?


The benefits of Ceramides

 Making up to 50% of the skin barrier, Ceramides are crucial in helping you achieve supple, healthy skin.

  • Nourish the skin barrier

You can think of Ceramides as the stitches to your cozy winter coat. The more Ceramides the skin barrier has, the stronger the skin barrier is, and the healthier and more resilient your skin is to external factors like bacteria and environmental stressors. This can also translate to less sensitive skin, less inflammation, and breakouts. 

  • Lock-in skin moisture

Ceramides lock the skin moisture inside, ensuring the water stays and quenches your skin's thirst instead of evaporating. Ceramides can seal hydration for a long time without irritating the skin as a skin-identical cell with a lipid body. 

  • Minimize the look of fine lines

Dehydrated skin can exaggerate the look of fine lines. Ceramides help to achieve the look of supple, youthful skin by boosting skin hydration to plump up the creases. 


Are Ceramides vegan? Pregnancy-safe?

Ceramides are safe to use for our vegan friends. Many cosmetic companies have chosen vegan Ceramides not only to honor the customer value but also to be kinder to the environment. It's by no means that vegan Ceramides are gimmicks or less effective than other kinds.

 For mama-to-be, rest assured, Ceramides aren't pregnancy-avoiding ingredients. They are safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. 

We still recommend consulting a doctor to be safe, as there might be other ingredients in the Ceramide product that you might miss. 


Round Lab Soybean Nourishing Cream 

Are you intrigued to have yourself a Ceramide bestie?  

Try Round Lab Soybean Nourishing Cream. Starring Ceramide with many brilliant ingredients, the cream brings more than just moisture to your skin. 

  • Ceramide NP fortifies a healthy skin barrier and helps to retain water for supple and hydrated skin. 
  • Yakkong Soybean, nurtured by the pure, fresh air of Jeongseon's altitude, is a super soybean. This tiny fella is a giant bundle of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Adenosine helps accelerate wound healing, aids collagen production, and smoothens wrinkles. 
  • Tumeric Root Extract, Glycerin, and Panthenol act together as the ultimate shot for hydration and soothing properties. 

Though heavy with benefits, the Soybean Nourishing Cream remains light on the skin. The texture glides effortlessly, sinks in seamlessly, and leaves your skin hydrated and youthful.

It's the perfect choice for combination - dry, dehydrated, sensitive, and acne-prone skin that needs some love in the moisture and anti-aging department. 

The exciting Round Lab's Soybean formula isn't limited to only cream. You can also experience the Ceramide perks with other products in the Soybean line - serum, toner, cleanser, etc. You name it, and we've got you covered.  

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