The sun shines especially bright upon Jeongseon(pronounced jung-sun). Surrounded by towering mountains, Jeongseonโ€™s natural beauty and purity are well preserved. This area also experiences drastic temperature change within the day, leading it to be the perfect spot for Yakkong* soybeans to grow and absorb copious amounts of nutrients.

**The โ€œYakโ€ in Yakkong translates to medicine and โ€œkongโ€ translates to bean.*

About Yakkong Soybean

Yakkong soybean has 19.5 times more anthocyanins and isoflavones than a regular soybean. It has been widely used in the oriental medicine since ancient times to treat and detoxify various diseases and common illness including cold and flu.

In particular, black soybeans contain a powerful anticancer substance called Glycitein and a Langsanium substance that is 4 times higher than that of ordinary soybeans, so it is effective for anti-aging.

The Saponins contained in black beans have anti-acid hyperactivity that removes harmful oxygen from the body. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids, which prevent cholesterol from accumulating in blood vessels and tungsten blood vessels.

The Yakkong husk contains Glycerin and Genistin, and has an anti-acid effect and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Fly Phosphate prevents skin aging from UV rays and contains vitamin E and helps get rid of sunspots and freckles. Rectinoic acid regulates the growth and differentiation of epithelial tissue and protects the damaged skin layer by activating vitamin A.

Benefits on our skin


Contains Anthocyanin, a black component, which has the effect of reducing skin inflammation and wrinkles.

Skin Protection

Anthocyanin component prevents skin inflammation caused by necrotic gland, and Delphinidin/Petunidin protects skin by inhibiting UV induced cell death.

Skin Tightening

Rich in vitamin E helps prevent blemishes, and anthocyanins improve collagen function and help skin elasticity and vitality.

Hair Health

Prevents and improves hair loss, and hair whitening with the large amounts of Cystenine and Vitamin E, which are essentials for hair health and growth.

South Korea holds the lead in k-beauty innovation, with advanced technology and research. We proudly want to introduce the wonders of the Korean Peninsula and its sacred ingredients, for you to see for yourself, what it is like to maximize glowy skin.