SENSITIVE SKIN - Achieving Dewy Skin

Sensitive Skin


Congratulations on finishing the skincare routine quiz, and being one step closer to a more healthy and glowy you! Let's get right into it!


The skincare routine quiz is telling me you have sensitive skin. But what does "sensitive skin" really mean?

Sensitive skin is a very common skin type and means your skin is more prone to reactions such as redness and itching. Most people who have sensitive skin notice occasional or frequent itching, burning and stinging of patches of skin.

A.M. Routine

Your morning skincare routine enables you to prepare your skin for the day ahead and helps to remove any dirt and grime your skin may have picked up while sleeping, or any leftover products which you applied the night before that may have an impact on your makeup application.



Here is an overview of your A.M. routine:


1. Mugwort Calming Cleanser

2. Pine Cica Calming Pad

3. Pine Cica Calming Ampoule

4. Pine Cica Calming Cream

5. 1025 Dokdo Sun Cream

P.M. Routine

Having a well established night time routine personalized for your skin type will help cleanse and maintain a healthy skin balance, as well as improving your skin goals.



Here is an overview of your P.M. routine:


1. Dokdo Cleansing Oil

2. Mugwort Calming Cleanser

3. Birch Moisturing Toner

4. 1025 Dokdo Water Gel Sheet Mask - End here or follow the rest for extra extra hydration

5. Pine Cica Calming Ampoule

6. Pine Cica Calming Cream


Achieving Dewy Skin


Dewy skin refers to skin that is supple, glowing, and smooth, usually associated with good hydration, moisture and collagen levels in the skin. Remember acheiving dewy skin does not come from temporary makeup, it comes from skincare.


Creating a simple yet effective morning and night routine will help you achieve and maintain your skincare goals.

Here Are Your Product Recommendations:

You can mix and match the products below to create your own routine, or follow the order of products depending the time of application!

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This light-weight cleansing oil will help remove any stubborn makeup, blackheads, and excess sebum to help prep you for your next step.

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This gentle creamy cleanser will relieve irritated skin from stress and external factors.

Achieve healthy and dewy skin with this cleanser.

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This calming pad smooths rough skin texture with just a single sheet, genlty removing dead skin cells and waste that blocks your pores.

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This lighweight toner has powerful anti-inflammatory properities, which helps to reinforce the skin, making it stronger and more resilient.

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This soothing and nourishing ampoule is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving skin hydrated, and quickly addresses the skins irritated barrier.

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This gel-type cream distributes softly, reducing irritation, densely replaces moisture, and leaves a refreshing feel as soon as it touches the skin.

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A dense gel mask to wake your senses and rejuvenate tired skin. Intensive moisture retention delivered like no other mask.

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Birch Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 50+, PA++++ - Round Lab




A powerful sunscreen, especially for the acne-prone & sensitive skin, that blocks the harsh UV rays and cares for healthier skin. (Reef Safe, Clinically proven SPF 50+ PA++++)
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