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Stop the search - The ultimate sun care experience is here!

Nov 03, 2022

Ah, sunscreen - the yellow brick road to a healthy, youthful, and radiant complexion. If only we could say with the same ease that finding the right sunscreen was as golden. In all honesty, it sucks. 

It sucks wasting time to find a sunscreen that doesn't have the white cast, the thick texture, the weighty feel, and the stickiness, just to realize later that it causes your breakouts. Sounds familiar? It happened to the best of us. 

Well, let's put the dark days of sunscreen trials behind because you can now have Round Lab Birch Juice sunscreen!

With superior sun protection and none of the tragic mess, the Birch Juice sunscreen has been delivering happiness and satisfaction to many who struggled to find their dream sunscreen.

Since its debut in 2020, the product has been honored with six beauty awards voted by critical Korean users: three times winner of Hwahae Beauty Awards Sunscreen/Lotion Category, first place in the same category awarded by Olive Young Beauty, Unpa, and Glowpick. 

Read on and learn what makes Birch Juice sunscreen the best name in Korean sunscreen. 

Comfortable to wear and light to the touch

The Birch Juice is designed to be the sunscreen that you want to put on your face. No more laborious application, white cast, grease, and the range of gross feelings of wearing sunscreen. 

With a lotion-like texture that dries down to a weightless, seamless setting, the Birch Juice sunscreen carries no white cast or pilling. Instead, it gives you a subtle, dewy canvas that allows you to have the freedom to go all-natural or a full makeup look without any worries about messing up the layers.

Sun protection + moisturizer in one swipe 

Marrying top-rated UV filters and moisturizing ingredients, the sunscreen is the perfect solution for hectic mornings. In one swift step, the Round Lab's SPF takes care of both your sun care and moisturizing need. 

The Birch Juice includes a combination of Uvinul A Plus, Uvinul T 150, Uvasorb HEB, and Tinosorb M that makes up the sunscreen's broad-spectrum armor of SPF50+, and PA++++. These new generations of UV filters are the elite among their peers for being powerful sun protectors and incredibly photostable. They also have respectful absorption that provides effective sun protection without irritating the skin. 

On the hydration side, you have Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Hyaluronic Acid to keep from turning into an oil slick by balancing your hydration level. If you have dry skin, this cocktail will give you supple and soft skin all day long. 

Irritation at bay

Redness and inflammation come when our skin is at the mercy of sunlight. Blush is cute, but blotchiness is never in. So we turned to our heritage of Korean botanical remedies and came up with this megamix of Birch Juice, Purslane Extract, Licorice Root Derivative, and Chamomile Oil for redness and inflammation relief. 

These super botanicals are packed with healing, and soothing properties, which immensely help to calm sun exposure effects, especially on sensitive skin. On the note of sensitivity, the Birch Juice sunscreen doesn't include any artificial fragrance. 

Come with antioxidant assistants, too

When it comes to fighting against sun damage, we think more is more, so even when the Round Lab's sunscreen is potent as it is, we still have to add antioxidants into the blend.

Ascorbic Acid is our first choice, in fact, it's non-negotiable. A robust antioxidant, Ascorbic Acid protects your skin cell from free radicals (produced by sunlight) and simultaneously improves hyperpigmentation and evens skin tone. 

While Niacinamide isn't an antioxidant, its ability to fight oxidative stress is not to be missed. It's a multitasker that repairs damaged DNA from sun effects, regulates oil production, and even prevents premature aging signs.

These two are a force to be reckoned with, and we wouldn't be able to sleep at night not using them for the Birch Juice sunscreen. 

Get your sunny, happy ending

Life is too short to spend your days indoors and stress about sunscreens. Get yourself the Birch Juice sunscreen and go out, enjoy the sun, make some memories. 

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