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Sustainable Skincare Tips for Beginners: 11 Ways to Go Green and Enjoy It.

May 01, 2023

Finding a sustainable skincare routine can be daunting. 

Sometimes it's the question of where to start. Other times, it's the prospect of compromising the comfort and quality of your lifestyle that discourages your motivation. 

Hands up if that sounds like you. 

And shake those hands, folks! 

Make it real jazzy because we're bringing in some good news. 

With 11 of our actionable and easy tips, you can check off all that fear and intimidation and get right on with making a more sustainable skincare routine TODAY. Right after this post!

No need to put a strain on the self-care habits you love. These selected tips are both eco and beginner-friendly to help you familiarize yourself and maintain a sustainable lifestyle in the long run. 

FYI, this is a safe space for mistakes. So if you happen to be fond of sheet masks or disposable cotton rounds, our crowd won't shame. Solutions are available for you below at number 3 and 6. 

Alright, without further ado, let's get started!

1. Use multi-purpose products

Saving your time, money, and carbon footprint all at once, using multi-purpose products is your rocket way to sustainable beauty. When shopping for skincare, choose products that do more than one thing. 

From our store, you'll be able to find sunscreens that double as a day moisturizer or even tone-up primer. 

2. Switch out single-use products

Your alternatives can be:

  • Reusable products: silicone masks, silicone eye patches, reusable razors, etc. 
  • Multi-use items: oil cleanser or balm instead of makeup wipes, washcloths, or washable cotton rounds instead of disposable ones. 

3. Reuse single-use products

Okay, let's be frank, single-use products are hard to resist. Their convenience and hygiene perks are unmatched. 

So resist while you can, but if you must use disposable items and there's no hygiene concern, don't chuck them in the trash just after one use. Most times, you can reuse them as cleaning tools. 

For example, with a few alcohol spritzes, used cotton rounds can be reborn for several electronic devices wipe down. 

Need to clean odd, dusty nooks and crannies? The cotton buds used to fix your eyeliner should suffice. 

4. Be high maintenance to be low maintenance

Save up your skincare budget for professional treatments. 

For one, zap your hair out with laser hair removal. It'll be 6 months to a year until you need to reach for shaving cream and razors again. 

If you have melasma or acne scars, facial therapies are more sure-fire ways to address your concerns than trying out various products. 

By investing in these treatments, you not only clean up clunky products in your beauty cabinet but also the planet's junkyard. All the while boosting up your skin game. 

5. Repurpose products you don't like

Have a mild/non-foaming cleanser lying around after healing your damaged skin barrier? Use it as the first cleanse in your double cleansing routine. It works fabulously for oily, acne-prone skin that isn't ready to commit to oil cleansing. 

On the other hand, drying cleansers that contain Benzol Peroxide or Salicylic Acid can be fantastic spot-treating masks. 

Makeup removal and shampoo that disappoint your skin are excellent alternatives for makeup brush cleaners. Also, if you have a silk pillowcase and don't want to spend extra on specialized detergent, a shampoo will keep it soft and clean just the same.   

And of course, the oldest, most reliable trick in the book is facial skincare you fell out of love with, goes on your body. Rich moisturizer for your cuticles, neck, and chest. Exfoliators for your elbows and knees.

6. Look for biodegradable packaging and material

To shop for sustainable skincare products, search for the following material:

  • Packaging made with soy-ink print, paper, cardboard, wood, or plant-based bioplastic material. 
  • 100% cotton rounds and biodegradable Cellulose face masks
  • Also, you must count glass and recycled plastic in. Though they aren't biodegradable, they have other strong points. Glass can be recycled indefinitely, and recycled materials require less energy to produce than making new ones. 

7. Reuse product packaging

You don't even have to be all artsy and crafty. Repurposing beauty empties can be easy as washing the packaging and using them as your travel kit. 

Skincare bottles can be upcycled as vibey flower vases, and you can always trust the jars of your moisturizer to keep your scrunchies and jewelry safe. 

If you're a cat parent, you know better than to toss out delivery cardboard. Give them to your fur baby, and you'll be rewarded with some good cozy snuggle. 

Another classic trick is to use your old mascara wands as brow spoolies or eyelash separators. 

8. Learn how to recycle 

Always check out local or brand recycling programs. Their regulations and drop locations may vary, so you want to stay informed and updated.

Better yet, subscribe to Terra Cycle. This waste management company has some awesome brand partnerships for the odd items you might not know how to deal with, like contact lenses or Babybel wrappers. 

For an everything guide to beauty recycling, don't miss out on this Coveteur article. From how to identify and categorize recyclable materials to understanding labels and symbols, this read will take you from a recycling newbie to an expert. 

9. Share or donate

There's only so much skincare you can reuse, repurpose, or use up before expiration. Give your skincare babies more chances to be loved by sharing them with your friends or family or donating to local charities.

*Don't know where to donate? This list will help you out. 

10. Organize your stock

Out of sight, out of mind. 

Despite your intention to try out or rotate between products, that plan can easily slip your mind if the products aren't on display to remind you. 

So, organize your stock monthly and have them in sight as a memo to use up all your skincare or get an idea of when to get a replacement. 

11. Reassess your skincare needs when shopping

Before hitting check out, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you cut, scoop out the content and use up what you have?
  • Do you need this?
  • Is your skin in a state that will benefit from using your wish list items?

By doing more conscious shopping, you will eventually lessen your beauty waste. With less waste to be processed, you're making a greater positive impact on the environment than recycling or choosing eco-friendly skincare. 

Last but not least

Like with every early stage of a new habit, your sustainable skincare routine needs time and practice to get used to. 

So start small, make mistakes but don't give up. You're aiming for progress here, not perfection. 

And when there's time you get lost on the eco-friendly journey, you can never go wrong with reduce, reuse, and recycle. Before making any decisions, whether to add something new or throw something away, remind yourself to go back to those 3 words.