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Treat your skin right: 7 beauty affirmations to instill self-love

Mar 08, 2023

For those with skin insecurities, overcoming self-hatred to reach self-love is a lot of hurdles to overcome, and more often than not it costs a lot of pain, frustration, and tears. We know from experience that despite how alienated and lonely you feel, the journey to self-love isn't something you should do alone. 

So here we're today, joining forces with you to help you move toward self-love a bit easier, a bit faster. 

In this post, we're going to challenge 7 of your common self-hating thoughts with 7 counter beauty affirmations so that your arsenal is prepped for 7 days of the week. 

Skin neutrality 

Instead of skin positivity, we believe that skin neutrality is the key to self-love. 

What is it about? Skin neutrality is a movement that focuses on making you feel comfortable in your skin. It encourages you to see your skin as it is and what it can do without relating it to your self-worth. 

In action, skin neutrality sounds like this: My acne is normal, and it was of no account to my worth.  

On the other hand, skin positivity is: Despite my acne, my skin is beautiful, and I love it. 

To us, either mindset is great, but jumping from loathing your skin to loving it can be a stretch to attempt in a short amount of time. With that said, you'll find our beauty affirmations are more skin-neutral centric than skin-positive as we figure taking one step at a time is a more healthy and practical way to go. 

Okay then, now that we've got the basics down. Let's get on to it!

  •  I look ugly and dirty because my skin is ugly.

  • If you have acne, this is a recurring thought that triggers you to a craze of over-cleansing, over-exfoliating and being over-skeptical of your pillowcase. 

    In other words, you are not dirty, and… you're probably so well equipped with skincare facts that you know obsessed cleanliness can only aggravate acne. 

    Still, we understand that this intrusive thought can be powerful and overwhelming sometimes. So, allow us to give you the reminder below. 

    COUNTER AFFIRMATION: I'm taking care of my skin, and thanks to that, my skin is healing.

  •  Why does my skin hate me?!

  • This sense of hatred surges up when your skin doesn't go your way, either with acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, etc. 

    Whether it's a constant struggle, a sudden change, or an occasional flare-up, in a biological sense, your skin is reacting according to your (internal) health status. 

    Though this type of signal system can be unpleasant to say the least, you can also take it that your skin is carrying its duty excellently. 

    COUNTER AFFIRMATION: My skin is doing its job, protecting and showing me how to take better care of my body. 

  •  Oh, gosh, I have wrinkles now. 

  • We live in a world where people go after those who age like it's a rightful witch hunt, and wrinkles are often translated as a sign of self-negligence. 

    Aging and wrinkles are given prejudice left and right when, in reality with so many tragedies happening these days, aging should be deemed a privilege, and wrinkles should be seen as nothing but a sign of time. 

    COUNTER AFFIRMATION: I'm lucky to be living with great memories in this eventful, extraordinary life. 

  •  I'm still miserably the same, nothing changes, and nothing will change!

  • We're reminded by dermatologists, estheticians, influencers, and other patients that skin care and treatments take time to see results, and we should be patient. 

    Still, the heart wants what it wants, and it wants speed and visible outcomes ASAP. For those moments when impatience and doubt arise, @fayes_skin has the perfect affirmation for you. 

    COUNTER AFFIRMATION: My biggest flex is I never gave up. Even when I didn't see a way out, even when I felt like everybody was against me. I never gave up, and I decided to put myself first.

  •  Even with makeup, my skin has texture.

  • Dear friend, most of the time, the secret to smooth-as-boiled-eggs skin photos is simply a matter of planning. With the right angle and lighting, yes, not even with photo editing apps, you too can have the look of baby-smooth skin. 

    In reality, even the healthiest skin has texture. 

    COUNTER AFFIRMATION: My skin is designed with texture, no skin is 100% textureless. It's normal and okay to have texture, pigment, and peach fuzz.

  •  My scars/ my stretch marks/ my acne/ my hyperpigmentation is jarring. Everybody must be looking.

  • You're probably not hearing this enough, or you might have forgotten, so allow us to remind you that it's not vain of you to feel this way. Your emotion is valid and deserves attention and help. 

    Need proof? Here's a study that discusses the relationship between acne and psychological problems in case some ignorant says that you're vain again. 

    COUNTER AFFIRMATION: I'm more than just my skin and what people can see from the outside. 

    Then list out traits that you're confident of. If you need ideas, take some inspiration from Taylor Swift: "I'm imaginative, I'm smart, and I'm hardworking."


  •  I wish I have "perfect" skin.

  • Everyone has their version of the "perfect" skin. The desire to improve your skin is normal, but holding your skin to the standard of flawless can be unhealthy. 

    You're likely to scrutinize, nitpick your skin, and put a lot of stress on yourself, which is doing no good for your skin and mental health. 

    And to be honest, is flawless skin really exist?

    COUNTER AFFIRMATION: I'm my meanest critic. My skin deserves kindness, respect, and compassion to protect me from external harm and teach me about myself and my body. 

    Last notes

    We'd love you to practice these beauty affirmations daily and out loud. Speaking to yourself can be quite silly and embarrassing at first, but believe us, it's crucial that you're louder than the voice inside your head in order to conquer it. 

    Also, 3 other things to make your self-love exercise more effective:

    1. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good both online and offline.
    2. Stay away from magnifying mirrors.
    3. If you ever need help with your skin, don't hesitate to reach out to Round Lab. We're always here for you!