Combination Skin

Congratulations on finishing the skincare routine quiz, and being one step closer to a more healthy and glowy you! Let's get right into it!


The skincare routine quiz is telling me you have combination skin. But what does "combination skin" really mean?

Skin is generally categorized as “combination skin” if your skin can be commonly dry or normal in some areas, and oily in others, such as the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin). If you notice two or more different textures on your face, it is a sign that you have combination skin. But no worries! Many people have this skin type so scroll along for some more information!

A.M. Routine

Your morning skincare routine enables you to prepare your skin for the day ahead and helps to remove any dirt and grime your skin may have picked up while sleeping, or any leftover products which you applied the night before that may have an impact on your makeup application.



Here is an overview of your A.M. routine:


1. Dokdo Cleanser

2. Dokdo Toner

3. Soybean Nourishing Serum

4. Dokdo Cream

5. Birch Sun Stick

P.M. Routine

Having a well established night time routine personalized for your skin type will help cleanse and maintain a healthy skin balance, as well as improving your skin goals.



Here is an overview of your P.M. routine:


1. Dokdo Cleansing Oil

2. Dokdo Cleanser

3. Dokdo Toner

4. Soybean Nourishing Mask - End here or follow the rest for extra hydration

5. Soybean Nourishing Serum

6. Dokdo Cream


Minimizing Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Fine lines are the start of wrinkles and look like small creases on your skin. They're closer to the surface of your skin, whereas wrinkles are deeper into your skin. You'll notice fine lines on your face where you make repetitive movements, like around your eyes and your mouth when you smile or squint.


Creating a simple yet effective morning and night routine starting today will help you achieve and maintain your skincare goals.

Here Are Your Product Recommendations:

You can mix and match the products below to create your own routine, or follow the order of products depending the time of application!

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This light-weight cleansing oil will help remove any stubborn makeup, blackheads, and excess sebum to help prep you for your next step

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This low acidic pH creamy cleanser purifies and removes any traces of dirt and grime, leaving your skin ready to soak up all the goodness

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This special Toner is formulated with deep sea water, exfoliating dead skin cells while filling up the skin with moisture

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This nourishing serum with 7 types of vitamin B ingredients obtained by fermenting lactobacillus derived from soymilk will make your skin lively and moist

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This non sticky cream is fully packed with triple Hyaluronic acid, providing hydrdation that lasts 24 hours, and also specializes in soothing care for tired and irritated skin

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This soft microfiber sheet is soaked in a mixture of rich, active ingredients of Black Soybean Extract and Adenosine to supply dense nourishment to the skin

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Birch Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 50+, PA++++ - Round Lab




The moisturizing sun stick delivers a lightweight finish with cooling effects. The product offers clinically-proven SPA 50+ PA++++ sun protection.
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