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Spilling the Beans: What You Need to Know about Round Lab Soybean Skincare

May 22, 2023

So you have heard that Round Lab Soybean is the next sweet thang to get your hands on. Not to toot our horn, but true to the rumors, the Round Lab Soybean line is quite a celebrity in the K-beauty community, especially among those struggling with dryness. 

Maybe you've noticed this too. Most times, the promise to dismiss dryness usually comes with the heavy feeling of thick, balmy skincare. Not our cup of tea if you ask. 

So, we come up with our own version of deep hydration that excludes the suffocating texture of common rich skincare.  

The Round Lab Soybean line is all about nourishing dry skin to attain dreamy radiance, bouncy suppleness, and more. We have 5 Soybean darlings in the lineup that are dying to be introduced to you, so let's get our speed date started!


  1. If your skin identifies as dry, combo-dry, maturing-sensitive skin, you'll have a blast with the replenishing, age-rejuvenating power of the Soybean line. 
  2. All for a healthy skin barrier! At the heart of Round Lab Soybean skincare are top-rated skin nutrients that nurture and cherish your moisture barrier: Soybean, Ceramides, and Adenosine. 
  3. It's non-irritating. The line is loaded with skin-identical ingredients that won't make your skin freak out at the sight of foreign agents. 
  4. Once more, for those in the back, the Soybean skin care serves you deep hydration that is non-sticky and weightless

The key to plumped, glossy skin is no further than our Soybean lineup. 

If that sounds like something you care about, keep scrolling for our comprehensive guide to the soon-to-be-beloved of your dry-combating arsenal. 



This peachy-colored goodness foams up to a satisfying lather that sweeps out all the dirt and grime of your long day, leaving your skin clean but without tight squeakiness. 

The Soybean Cleanser contains no essential oil, so if you have fragrance sensitivity, you'll have no problem using this cleanser. 

Instead, our little something extra comes in the form of teeny bits of powdered grains, which give you some more surface exfoliation for smoother skin. Don't worry, the powder is extremely fine. Even if you go a bit overboard while cleansing, it won't make your skin mad. 


It's so light, you can literally use it as a facial mist. That's how watery the Soybean Nourishing Toner is. Yet, nothing like the temporary relief of common facial mists, this milky toner is potent with Panthenol, Glycerin, and Ceramide NP that melt in your skin, plumping it with multi-layers of hydration and soothing properties for a good while.

While it's a toner we always recommend to accompany your fall-winter beauty routine, especially with the 7-skin method, we've seen many customers sub it as a one-step skincare in the hot, humid months. Try it, and let us know if you agree!


This serum takes the meaning of "jam-packed" quite literally. The ingredient list includes 5 types of Ceramides and 3 kinds of Probiotics to nurture a supple, healthy skin barrier. Plusow-molecular Peptides, Hydroxydecyl Ubiquinone, Folic Acid, and Phytosphingosine to address maturing skin concerns like fine lines, elasticity, and firmness. It's truly youthful, glowy skin in a bottle. 

Though the Soybean Nourishing Serum is good skincare on its own, you'll reap double bounce and radiance when pairing it with the Soybean Nourishing Cream. It's a perfect combo for the chilly, drying seasons, yet the texture and feel stays lightweight, and fast-absorbing like your summer skincare. 


A little goes a long way with this cream. From a soft custard-like consistency in the jar, once in touch with your skin, it turns into a silky texture that glides effortlessly. Then, it simply sinks in, leaving no tackiness behind. Contrary to its unassuming look, the Soybean Nourishing Cream is packed with skin-identical ingredients and antioxidant properties. 

Without the common rich, suffocating feel of anti-aging skincare, it's a perfect introductory product for anti-aging beginners. It even comes with a hygienic scoop!


If you're looking for a sample treatment of the Soybean line, the Soybean Nourishing Sheet Mask is the perfect representation. The mask's creamy essence boasts similar ingredients to the Soybean cream, but with the added benefits of caffeine for a brighter, more lively complexion. 

You can count on our 100% microfiber cotton sheet to swiftly deliver all that skin nutrients into your skin without irritating your reactive sensitivity. 

Similar to the famous deep hydration and beautiful glow of the Soybean cream, but, the sheet mask only cost you a fraction. You can't get a better deal than this. 

Still! We have to warn you. The sheet mask can get real addictive, real fast. So, take our word, when you're able, stock up!


For whatever skin concerns you're having, if it's in the realm of dryness and aging prevention, you can trust the Round Lab Soybean line to speedboat you out of there. And into the experience of supple, radiant, youthful skin instead. 

Want to see how that actually feels like? Click this link to Round Lab's store and pick up your Soybean skincare right now.