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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Round Lab Pine Tree Skincare

May 15, 2023

Your scout for the solution to smooth, radiant skin might be bumpy. But hey, now that you’re here. You can rest assured because we’re taking the wheel!

Well, our Round Lab Pine Tree line, that is.

As a specialty that caters to sensitive, acne-prone skin, Round Lab’s Pine Tree line is designed to be a gentle yet effective remedy to eliminate dull, uneven skin texture. You’ll get calmer, smoother, healthier skin without tripping and slipping over irritation and the waves of purging. 

The hardest thing you have to do is choose which one serves you best, as we have 5 creations in the lineup: toner pad, toner, ampoule, cream, and sheet mask. 

But worry not, the guide below will lead you to your destined skin BFF right away! Just read on. 


While each of our products in the Pine Tree line has a unique sprinkle, they all start with the same base brewed with the best ingredients for sensitive skin. 

  • Pine tree exact: Rooted from the fresh, revitalizing land of Yang Yang, Gangwondo, Round Lab’s pine needle is packed with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties and peptides. With our ultrasonic extraction tech, we’re able to juice out all these pine skin-goodness into your potent skincare. 

  • Pine Cica Activer (Pine - Cica - Glycoproteins complex): A patented work by our skin sensitivity-conscious team. This soothing blend works hard, so your skin can sit back for once from redness and external irritations. With the assistance of this complex, your healthier, more resilient skin barrier awaits. 

  • LHA: Well-favored by sensitive, oily skin, LHA is a brilliant active that tackles pore congestions by excess sebum. LHA gives you the sebum-busting power of Salicylic Acid, without the overwhelming surge of purging or irritations. 

  • * Purging should be expected when using any exfoliants. However, with LHA, it should be mild and manageable. 


    Diminish clogged pores with Pine Calming Cica Pad 

    Looking to smooth out your whiteheads, blackheads, or bumpy skin texture? The Pine Calming Cica Pad is the perfect one for the task. The abundance of hydrating essence fused with the core blend is only the least of the toner pad’ charms.


    • Extra redness relief with Succinic Acid: Though it’s a lesser-known acne-fighting active, once you get introduced, the skincare benefits of Succinic Acid will leave you in awe. 

    Packed with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties, Succinic Acid is a fantastic assistant to calm inflammatory acne and protect the skin from environmental stressors (including UV damage). It also hydrates, balances oil production, and promotes cellular renewal. 

    It’s a wonderful multi-tasker that acne-prone, oily, sensitive skin will fall in love.

    • Multi-propose pad design: Besides the 7-cm size, the Pine Calming Cica toner pads have 2 sides. The mild embossed side is there when you need extra help lifting dead skin cells and debris. The smooth adhesive side is for when you’re urgent for a quick, calming toner mask. 

    • Sensitive-skin-friendly material: The pads are made with soft, vegan-certified fabric. Even if you have sensitive skin and go a bit too enthusiastic with rubbing, your skin won’t get so mad.

    • Easy to recycle: Thanks to the peelable label made FSC-certified paper and soy ink, recycling the packaging of the Pine Calming Cica shan’t cost you any hassle. 

    Get bright and even skin with Pine Calming Cica Toner

    Tired of your uneven, dull complexion? Grab yourself a Pine Calming Cica Toner

    • Extra skin refining with PHA: The latest IT girl of chemical exfoliants, PHA is famous for its high tolerability and fabulous humectant performance. If you can’t find the chemical exfoliant that gets along with your skin, chances are you are destined for PHA.

    Besides the ability to refine skin texture and hydrate, PHA is also jam-packed with antioxidant agents and can even prevent glycation (a process that wears out skin firmness and elasticity). 

  • Brighten with Mulberry extracts: Drawn from antioxidant-filled mulberry flowers and leaves, the included Mulberry extracts will help you revitalize your complexion by brightening the dullness that is weighting your skin. 

  • Houttuya Cordata extract: Along with the Pine Cica Activer, Houttuya Cordata is added to the toner for an additional soothing effect. 

  • Double hydration, double barrier nourishment with Pine Calming Cica Ampoule and Pine Calming Cica Cream

    For those looking to smooth out textured skin while tending to a compromised skin barrier, this is it, you guys! The combo of Pine Calming Cica Ampoule and Pine Calming Cica Cream is your long waited answer.

    • Triple HA combination:  Hyaluronic Acid, hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, and Sodium Hyaluronate have joined forces in this ampoule and cream combo to relieve your parched skin. Let them sink into your skin overnight and see the dehydrated creases the day before plump up. 

    • Calm and nourish sensitive skin: Doubling the power of the Pine Cica Activer complex, the ampoule and cream will quickly calm your irritated skin and pacify your skin’s reactive tendency over time.


    • Just-sink-in texture: Summer heat might get in your way of layering your skincare, but you don’t have to bother yourself with such worry with this Pine Tree combo. Lightweight with fast absorbance, the Pine Calming Cica Ampoule and Cream leave a thin film on the surface to hydrate and protect your skin all day without clumping up your sunscreen

    A power drink for irritated and tired skin - Pine Calming Cica Sheet Mask 

    Much more pleasant than your green smoothie, Pine Calming Cica Sheet Mask refreshes and revitalizes your skin with less effort and much more enjoyment. It’s the perfect skin refreshment when you need to reclaim your skin liveliness from a long night, or whenever your skin needs a soothing yet energizing wake-up splash. 

    • A must-have for dry-combo skin: Giving you just the right touch of hydration, the goopy essence soaked in the sheet mask will give soothed, soft and supple skin. 
    • Swift redness relief: With added cooling effect on top of Round Lab’s unique calming blend, the Pine Calming Cica Sheet Mask gives you an emergency treatment to ease irritated redness and wind down your stressed mind. 


    Summer is drawing near, and we can’t think of a more ideal time for you to experience our Pine Tree line. See the soothing, smoothing, revitalizing power of the Pine Cica Activer for yourself!

    Just click here, and we’ll zoom you to collect your Pine Tree bestie right away.